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Smart Meter Network Ltd.

TitleSmart Meter Network Ltd.
SummarySmart Meter Network Ltd. required a IOT Modem to work with their Smart Meters gathering data from the meters and transmitting the data back to a Web Server , where the data is stored and can be accessed through purpose designed Dashboards.

Smart Meter Network Ltd. designed and runs the readmymeter web sites, these sites use custom software designed and maintained by their engineers to gather data from remote sites using the Internet and Mobile Network maintaining a 30 minute read cycle of data from the meters not limited to just the meter readings but including Voltage, Current , Power, Frequency  and Power Factor.

We designed the modem to handle up to 32 meters connected by cable or WiFi (including LoRa) over distances up to 1200m in suitable conditions, linking back to the web servers, based in the UK, via the Mobile Network or Broadband land lines where available.  

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