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Colyton Industrial Designs Ltd.

design and manufacture custom PC and PLC solutions for industrial control requirements. We can design dedicated packages based on Arduino, Raspberry Pi or Tibbo modules, including PCB design and management of prototype and production of complete units.


Colyton Industrial Designs for industrial automation

Our staff have been involved in the design of custom control systems since the first PLC based systems in the 1970s. Since then we have supplied hundreds of PLC and PC based control systems for projects ranging from controlling stone quarries, cable manufacturing plants to simple pump house controls such as a custom designed water processing plant.

We regularly use either Allen Bradley SLC or Siemens S7 PLC systems to control large automated processes as well as Telemechanique and Mitsubishi PLC's for dedicated machines.

Our qualified engineers can supply a complete design service to EN60204 including manufacture of dedicated control systems to meet your specifications. We use E-Plan to produce electrical schematics of the control systems and work to European or manufacturers specifications as required. We can also supply the drawings in AutoCAD format when required as well as supplying fully documented programs in PDF format.

Our comprehensive operator and systems manuals are supplied in PDF format and for PC based systems these can be stored on the machine itself to assist operator and technical staff on site.

Web Interface

CI Designs have developed web based interfaces that provide graphic solutions for monitoring processes but we do not use PC's for direct industrial control, for this requires real time control which is best provided by PLC solutions. 

We have in depth knowledge of web page design and through our sister company Tod Designs we can supply complete web based solutions.

We also designed, manage and maintain a Web based package to gather data from Smart electricity meters using a variety of GPRS modems and manage a UK based server network to store the data and allow customers to access the stored data via web browsers.


Marking Systems

CI Designs have specific experience in custom marking applications using laser, pin stamp and scribe marking technologies for a wide range of industries from aerospace to automotive. We have links to several companies and together we can provide complete solutions to your marking problems.

IOT - the Internet of Things

Colyton Industrial Designs has been involved in the design of dedicated packages using Arduino, Raspberry Pi and Tibbo modules to solve customers problems. Our engineers are well versed in C++ and assembly code programming as well as a number of other programming languages and can deal with a variety of micro processor based systems. We have many years of experience in producing designs including electronic circuit schematics, PCB layout and overseeing manufacture and assembly of the devices.

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